Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Fox News,

Please watch the video here before reading this post.

Dear Fox News,

FUCK YOU!!!! I like to keep it clean on here because my grandparents may be reading this but you hit below the belt and now its my turn.

Congratulations, you idiots just single handedly kicked the intelligence level of your country down another notch. It's morons like you who contribute to the stereotype that Americans are ignorant to everything outside of the USA. I am not going to be stupid like you and think all Americans are like that, because I like the US and I know that there are lots of citizens that are intelligent and not ignorant to world affairs. So here's a lesson, try to stop eating the paint off the walls and pay attention for a minute...

Why are we pulling out in 2011? Canada has been in Afghanistan since 2001, shortly after you guys went in because we are your allies and friends. We took on a more serious combat role in the south, in 2004/05, when you were searching for WMD's in Iraq. Since the beginning we have lost 115 brave men and women in Afghanistan and you have lost 590. Since your intelligence level is that of a 5th grader let me remind you that the US has 10 times the population of Canada. I would say we have sacrificed a lot considering we are there as your ally and maintain a small force of 2500.

Other than you and the British, we are currently, the only country with a combat role. Not to mention we are in the South which is one of the most volatile areas in Afghanistan because it borders with Pakistan and has been a Taliban stronghold since the beginning. I personally lost friends taking a stronghold that the Russians failed to take back during their occupation....which brings up an interesting point...

We wouldn't even be in this mess if your government didn't give arms, money and assistance to Afghanistan during Russia's occupancy. I understand you had to ensure the evil communists didn't take over the world but if you would have cleaned up after yourselves instead of flying into the sunset like a superhero, the Taliban wouldn't have been able to take over so easily and Osama Bin Laden, (who fought the Russians with American weapons), would have had a more difficult time setting up terrorist camps and planning evil acts.

Lets face it Fox News, you're a joke of a network and you give your citizens a bad name. Canada has done its fair share in Afghanistan and is stepping back to allow other NATO countries to step up to the plate. This was your mess, we have done more than our fair share and you should be a little more grateful. Being the founders of peacekeeping, we might even look to places like Sudan to deploy our forces because there is a serious genocide going on. Maybe if Iraq's oil doesn't pan out we will see you there? That's if you can push China out, or maybe it would be easier to invade Iran, they have lots of oil...

Which brings me to my final point, US invasion of Canada and oil. You may have been joking about invasion but it is happening as we speak but with corporate assistance not military. The US and Canada have been pursuing deeper integration and I won't be surprised if we are involved in some sort of a customs union in the next 8 years. Maybe there will be labor mobility involved? In that case I won't be surprised if Americans start coming to live and work in Canada where our mounties can ride around on horses wearing red tunics, and not armored cars with bullet proof vests because we are not killing each other every day. That is if they can stand the "frigid" winters and igloos we live in.

In conclusion, FUCK YOU Fox News! Next time do your research before bashing such a good friend and ally. There are a lot of pissed of Canadians today because of the ego and ignorance of your news station decided to take a joke a little too far.

I emailed this to the show, if you would like to email them here is the address -


  1. Well said Sean! Thanks for bringing that video to our attention. Greg Gutfeld is so ignorant to what is going on in Afghanistan. Can Greg and the others on this show really be that stupid or is it just an attempt to make people's blood boil to get attention?

    Sean, you provided so many accurate facts about the situation overseas and between Canada and the US. Thanks for sharing your opinion and backing it up with research. What pisses me off are members of "Talk Too Much HQ". They are boring, self-absorbed, and tend to show off how much they do not know.

  2. Sean,

    I can not open the video at work, I will watch it later.

    I am a big fan of Canada and Australia (you forgot those guys). You are right, you guys, us, the Brits, the Auzzies and Kiwis (attack helicopters, I think) are the ones taking on a combat role there. I do not think the Dutch are fighting and I am unsure about the role of other countries. I have seen Canadian and Auzzie blood spilled over there. In fact, the biggest soap box I get on is that Afghanistan is a coalitiion of our allies. That point always seems to be left out of the aurgument about Afghanistan's policy. I also say it is notable that the only one fighting are English speaking...coincidence?

    Well, what should be done about that place?

  3. Pat,

    I am a big fan of American troops, i loved working with the Americans. I always felt safer because of American air power and experience in combat. I did forget the Auzzies but I know the Dutch aren't doing much over there.

    I like our close friendship with the US and the comments made by Fox were uncalled for. I am willing to go fight with the US as an ally for good reasons. Afghanistan was a justifiable reason and we supported the US even though it was a problem arguably created by the CIA and other governmental departments.

    That history has never been brought up much because we all have some blame for not sorting out Afghanistan after the Russia's and being fanatical during the Cold War.

    I'm not sure what we can do about Afghanistan but I think other countries need to step up. Especially countries in that region. Pakistan definitely needs to be dealt with if we are going to sort out Afghanistan. I read US special forces have been conducting operations in Pakistan and that is great! I might have even heard Canadian Spec Ops have been in the area too.

    Really I think we should ask how much are we willing to spend and lose in Afghanistan? What is the goal and what is the end state? Is it attainable? Are there other means to the end that do not involve military action?

    Just some questions...but at the end of the day the US is making a great decision to take troops my Iraq and put them in Afghanistan.

  4. Sean,

    Found your site linked off Pat and Steve. As a Fox News supporter, this was way over the line. From just an ordinary, non-military, guy in the US, it's a bunch of BS and is a shitty representation of us as a country.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my perspective as well.


  5. I just watched that video. Those guys are idiots.

    I have a ton of opinions about Afghanistan. All formed from living with the Pashtu people for a year. Watching them fight and die for a promise we made to them. I saw more Afghanis killed by Taliban (note the words, I saw, first hand) then American, Canadians, Auzzies.

  6. Sean,

    I am looking forward to seeing you guys and meeting you both. Are you driving in? On Saturday, let me know if you want me to pick you guys up at your hotel and drive to where the lecture is. Is it not at CF Chicago.

    It is awesome you are going to a Cubs game. Wrigley Field is a landmark. The whole neighborhood is great. It is the "place" for guys your age in Chicago. It is load with great bars and places to eat.

    On Sunday, I would recommend just playing it by ear as to what to do. This is an awesome city. I would say plan on just walking around. First, hit Michigan Ave for window shopping, etc. Next, a few blocks over is the Art Museum (made famous in Ferris Bueller's Day off). Then I would head to Wrigley Field. It is a long walk 4-5miles, but all through neighborhoods....Gold Coast, Lincoln Park...that are very "cool" with all kinds of shops, bars, places to eat.

    The conference is coming up.

    Anyway, on my programming, I am just playing with a few WODs I have in my mind. I want to incoporate more things I suck at...rowing, skill work, but also continue to lift heavy.

    As for Food, well this is the city of Food! There are a lot of great places to eat here, but what we really do best is good cheap food. Hot Dogs, Italian Beefs and plenty of late night burrito joints.