Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scaling for Power Output

(Jeremy doing a good job with 155# squat cleans)

CFHQ WOD 090314 (Scaled)

5 rounds for time:
135# Hang Squat Clean 9 reps
18 ring pullups


This was an effective scale. 135 was heavy enough for me that I could rep them out in sets of 3 after the first round and not die. I feel a lot stronger and I found the limiting factor to be my lungs in this one. Although, the Rx'd weight of 155 would have been tough. Good job to Murph and Jeremy who were able to lift it. Murph put up an impressive time of 3 minutes faster than mine at 155.

I don't like the CFHQ scale for rope climbs of 15 towl pullups per one rope climb. That would be 225 towel pullups and turn this WOD into an epic 40 minute battle. I am glad we did this the way we did, it left me laid out pretty good. The MetCon pain is still really bad but I forsee it getting better soon.

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