Monday, June 22, 2009

Coach Max Mormont on Scaling

(Picture from Max Fit USA - Coach Maximilian Mormont)

A while a go I got an email from Coach Max and I sent him one back asking about how to scale his workouts and his advice on maximizing power output, - this was his response:

"To me time is not important! Handling the load and volume is. I calculate the tonnage. So if a wod has 10 deads at 315lbs that means you lifted 3,150lbs. Were as if we scale to 275lbs we only lifted 2,750lbs. So when you scale its cool but look at the tonnage. On a scaling like this we miss out on a quarter tone of weight. 

I want you some times to scale so you are in side the time domains that I want. Other times I want you to suffer!!! Make it a strength workout. Even if it takes you a day to do it, I don't care. I should say don't let it go longer then 50min. 

I want my athlete to be able to handle both kinds of capacity. Which are intensity and volume! Sometimes when people scale they miss out on the volume.

If you scale it should be that the Rx weight is over 90% of your 1 RM. Then its cool. If its 85% but heavy. Deal with it. Are best gains come from working out between 80 to 90% of are capacity! If you can handle 80% for a shit load of reps and keep technique that means your 100% will go up!"

A very insightful email!  Today I took his advice and didn't scale my weak Hand Stand Push-ups.  And I suffered...
5 rounds for time:
10 pull-ups 
8 Hand Stand Push-ups
6 ring dips

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