Monday, June 1, 2009

Great Programming

Another Max Fit USA WOD.
AMRAP in 20 minutes
15 DB Thruster 40lbs
500m Row
5 rounds - killed the last row to get it in. Layed me out.

Push Jerk 5 x 3 then:
3 rds for time
225lbs deadlift x 10
50 double unders
Almost threw my skipping rope off of the Mezzanine. F---ing double unders. Could have Deadlifted more but I am still scaling these until I feel good about moving up.

Can't wait to get Dutch's DVD!


  1. Dude, finished Erin in 13:13. We'll have to hook up later in the week. Sweet blog


  2. Still have not received Dutch's DVD. Nice MaxFit WOD. Thrusters make me want to suck on the end of a pistol. Any good subs for the mainpage 5x5 OHS today? I might do it if my 6-7 class is empty.

  3. Time that's a sick time. i will have to do that WOD again and see if I PR

  4. Have you seen 'every second counts' yet???
    it's amazing!


    p.s. i will be e-mailing you soon :)