Thursday, June 4, 2009

CrossFit Edmonton ICC 2

(Brad - a 4 Horsemen showing a proper push-up - chin, chest and thigh touch at the same time)

Warm up
DROM - arms & legs
CFWU x 2
21 - 15 - 9
225lb Backsquat (Scaled to BW 186lbs)
Back extensions
9:35 - This was tough, definitely a lower back intensive WOD. Finished up with some Muscle Up work.

This Saturday CrossFit Edmonton is running a Inner City Challenge 2. The WOD is AMRAP in 15 minutes - 10 pushups and 15 Power Cleans at 95lbs. It was chosen out of a hopper with 90 movements. I am working graveyards for the next few days but I am still going to suck it up and go compete. Pushups are a huge weakness of mine but I will still give it a go. Should be FUN!!


  1. Nice. I can't wait to lift soem heavy weights tomorrow. FOr ICC2 are there prizes or just bragging rights?

  2. Sean, I did The ICC2 WOD today at Crossfit Saskatoon - you need to beat 9 rnds + 2 Pushups. All movements where performed to standards stated on the Crossfit Edmonton site ie. chin, chest, thigh pushups with full extension of elbow at top and shoulders moving with ass. the power cleans all started from the floor and I added my own stipulations that there was no stopping the movement - no DL + HPC and the bar had to finish on top of the shoulders with legs fully extended before lowering.

    This was a toughie but the pushups aren't the hard part you have to just push through the lung burning on the Power cleans if you want to do well. You will feel really tired from the PC and think that you should stop and rest but you will be able to push on and if you do, you will do awesome at the competition. I didn't have anyone to go against, or the high adrenaline rush of competition to push me forward so I expect you to crush my time. Good Luck!