Monday, June 8, 2009

Not for Time Today


Today's workout was interrupted and turned into a dog and pony show.  Some lady freaked out because I was dropping 95lbs from overhead so we had to move the barbell down to the ground floor...which caused us to have to run all the way back to the bench was just gay and frustrating.

21 15 9 
Power Snatch 95lbs 
Bench Press 110lbs
Box Jump 24"

It was under 15 minutes with all the interruptions.  Snatch's were not that bad but the bench killed me.  I am weak as s**t on the bench.  Rx'd weights for this WOD were 135lbs snatch and 185lbs bench.  To tell you the truth this is the first Max Fit WOD I didn't like.  Maybe it was the bitchy PSP telling me I was cracking the concrete or the fact I suck at bench press....I don't know.  I was also irritated by the muscle heads that come up to the CrossFit area and do freaking bicep curls and other gay non-functional movements.  I love the Edmonton Gym, it is a badass facility, but I am looking forward to getting my own gym up and running...SOON.

Rest day tomorrow then back to hitting it hard.


  1. I thought this looked like a very good WOD. I am surprised you did not like it. I think your weight was right on.

    I am reading 3 books now. I am just about to finish the Zone, then Good Calories, Bad Calories, finally the Paleo Diet for athletes. So far, I am really less then impressed with the Zone after actually reading the book.

    I am off for a few days, headed out west. Cheers.

  2. Hi Pat,

    I have a friend currently reading Protein Power. He's going to ler me borrow it when he's done and he said it is better than the Zone. I really want to dig in to Good Cal Bad Cal but I think I will wait until Sean is done with it. Let me know how Paleo for athletes is.

  3. Sean,
    Although I realize and respect your frustration, sometimes you have to look at things from someone else's perspective....after all, biceps curls ARE functional for us beer drinkers and ALMOST all female globo-gym employees are bitchy....lighten up!

    Train hard, we all miss ya here at the garage.


  4. Ha ha! That comment compliments the last 4 Horsemen post very well.

    Enjoy your rest day Spartan.