Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Love Paleo Living

Started with a Press 3 x 3 then:
21 - 15 - 9
Deadlift 225lbs (scaled from 275lbs) 

I look better, feel better and I am performing better.  Those old PR's are going to be toast soon. This Paleo Stuff works!


  1. Sean,

    Nice time of this one. Good call with the scale too. Are you reading Good Calories, Bad Calories.

    Me, I am going more paleo too. Well, really it is protein, fat (no fried foods, transfat) and low glycemic carbs, about 100gms (11blocks a day). This works out to be paleo.

  2. The book was good, but long. I skipped pgs 70-240 or so. I did not read all the stuff about how fat got a bad rap it did not deserve. I went right to the second half about calories. That blew me away and changed my views on how much carbs I really do need and how I really can eat all the PRO and FAT I want if I just watch my carb intake. Let me know what you thought.

    Oh, like I said...if I eat PRO, the best source is animal, fat (from animal, fish oil, nuts, avocados, low glycemic carbs that do not wreck my body and cause inflamation....I come up with eating a paleo diet. I am not convinced of the need to avoid dairy and salt though. Dairy, I do not see the problem if you are not allergic to the protein or if you do not have an issue with lactose (which I do not in moderate amounts). Salt, I love it. That is my current view. Also, I like my weight...about 170lbs and do not want to be any lighter, this seems to just come back around to a paleo based diet.