Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burpees and HSPU

Today I had to pay up for some Sugar sin burpee offenses and catch up on my HSPU's. I did about 60 HSPU's today and I am back in the challenge. I took today off because I will be doing another SS workout tomorrow. My workout on Monday was not Rx'd because Jeremey had things messed up in his program but tomorrow I will do program B. I am thinking of starting things seriously on Monday and devoting myself to the program for atleast 4 weeks without anything other than some tabata KB snatches.

I have two goals with my snatches, 1. To get the level III skill of 200 snatches in 10 min and 2. To do 130 in 5 minutes for the TSC. I think both are attainable, I found the best way to train snatches is to do Tabata intervals. I trained pretty hard for the last TSC i did doing 4 and 5 min. Tabata intervals. I should have done the 200 right after because I was conditioned for it.

Not sure that tomorrow's Nasty Girl's workout is going to pan out. We may have to move it to thursday night if that works better for everyone.

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