Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sugar Sin Burpees

(Johnny Enjoying some beer and chicken wings at his going away party on Friday)

Crossfit Endurance (CFE) WOD this morning with Mike
CFE WU then - 10 x 250m row - rest 5x the amount it takes you to row the 250m - deviate more than 10 seconds and do Tabata squats after the Workout
Row times: 42, 45.2, 45.6, 46.1, 46.7, 46.7, 46.5, 48.4, 45.9, 47.8
This was tough, we were both pretty gassed after the workout.

Sugar Sin Burpees

So my zone has been pretty tight. Normally when I want to keep it tight I am capable of doing so and I begin to see excellent results in my training. In order to stay away from tasty treats such as cookies, beer and any other "bad carbs," Dani and I have agreed to follow the rules of Sugar Sin burbees. Basically, if you foul and eat something you shouldn't, you owe 100 burpees. Burpees can be done throughout the day and must be paid within 24 hours. You can prepay if you know your going to have desert that night but the prepayment expires at midnight. Beer and liquor is allowed if you factor it into your block count but anything outside is 100 burpees up to 4 drinks. Over 4 and up to 8 drinks is 200 burbees. If you are a "facebooker" (I'm not), you can join the group here, read all about the rules and get a link to the original founders of this idea out of San Francisco Crossfit. The challenge officially ends April 1st...who's in?

21 - 15 - 9
Thrusters 95lbs

I am happy with this, I wanted sub 6. My Fran time is slowly getting more respectable. If I want sub 5 soon I am going to have to work on my thrusters. Unbroken sets are key to a good time. Don't worry Murph your 3:24 is safe for now!


  1. I love that idea i'm in for the sugar sin challenge. I do love the sugar but I really really hate burpees! yeah burpees! Why are you doing the Crossfit London Wods Endurance wods and SS workouts? Don't bit off more than you can chew. Make sure you update your activity level to 0.85 or maybe even 0.9! you also might want to sleep more 9-10hrs in a "cave" (dark dark room) to aid in recovery. Do you eat right after you workout. Are you eating a balanced zone 4/4/4 per meal or do you switch it up 4/3/4, 2/1/2 pre-wod and 4/6/4 post-wod. Try choco milk---International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 2006, 16, 78-91.
    Food for thought if you will. I find after a strength workout a regular snack is enough but after (<30 min) a metcon at least 1 cup of choco milk afterwards really improves my performance the next day.

  2. my block count is at 19 right now. Up 2 blocks from 17, which is Rx'd for me. I just do normal zone requirements - 1/4/2/4/2/4/2 - I haven't messed around with moving carb block around. I have meant to read more of Rob Wolf but have not got around to it with all the other readings I have. maybe you can explain it to me more in person. And explain more about his choco milk.....to aid with recovery I actively stretch and use the foam roller. I should get more sleep....working on that.