Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mental Toughness

(PJ tearing it up on the erg)
CrossFit Endurance WOD

40 seconds on 20 seconds off - 5 rounds - All out effort each interval
1. 219m 2. 210m 3. 205m 4. 198 5. 207

This WOD looks a lot easier than it is. It only took 5 minutes to complete but it laid me out like Fran. I have found really short intense CrossFit workouts to be very mentally challenging. The urge to quit or slow down is much more prevalent than a longer WOD. I think to get the most out of these shorter CFE WOD's, mental toughness is very important. The ability to push yourself to your absolute limit every interval while fighting the terrible pain and urges to quit involves a great deal of mental toughness. I have had experience shutting my brain off and pushing through mentally challenging events during my time in the military. Mostly these situations involved long distances under load in less than favourable conditions (no sleep, poor nurtirtion, wet, physically exhaused.) I need to find a way to transfer that mental focus so that I can switch it on for short period of time in which conditions are more than favourable and my mood is generally good. It will take a lot of work and focus but I think those in our sport that can do this are the most successful.

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