Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to my blog

I though I would start 2009 with a way of holding myself more accountable to my fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I have been crossfitting for a year and a half and I have seen great success from strict adherence to a healthy diet and consistent crossfit WOD's. Anyone who has tried this knows how good you feel and how addicting it can be. Although, from time to time I drift away from this and this blog is a way to keep myself on track. I will post all my workouts and any lapses or improvements in my diet. On rest days I may dwell on topics that sparks debate or something that has been on my mind. I look forward to interacting with other bloggers and learning from the wealth of knowledge that is out there and that might stumble across my blog.

Happy New Year


  1. Awsome way to start 2009 Sean!!! I think you will inspire a lot of crossfitters to follow your blog and keep the heat on, as I know that they will chalange your times in your WOD's as you post them. I look forward to read and learn more.

  2. Welcome and I hope to read all about your training.