Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Brad

(Brad turns 29 today, and yes ladies....he is available)

I was stood up again this morning so I pressed again
Press 5x5
PVC technique work
45lbs x 5 2 sets
65 x 3
85 x 2
work set
100 x 5
100 x 5
105 x 5
105 x 5
110 x 5 .... I felt stronger today....but I really focused on technique.

scaled - didn't follow the rules...took breaks in between
10 rds for time:
3 weighted pullups 25#
5 strict pullups
7 kipping pullups

Doing this WOD Rx'd is beastly. The scaled version I did was tough enough, it taxed the grip and forearms...I ripped the heck out of my hands trying to hold on.


  1. Sean,

    SS is a program designed for high school football players. Rip stated this on CF Radio. He wrote the book for high school strength coaches to have a guide to get kids (note kids) stronger. These kids had little to no formal lifting experience and none focusing on the major lifts...back squat, deadlift, press, bench press, power clean. The ideal is to teach the kids these lifts, they will get stronger and be better football players. This is the source of the name "Starting Strength", i.e. it is a program for people starting strength training. These people are new to strength training (or at least new to actual multi-joint exercises involving big muscles) and will quickly see results, hence will have linear progression on this workout. To re-phase that, they will see gains every session. Rest and recovery are important, because they are new to this type of exercising and it can be very taxing.

    I think most CrossFitter do not realize the above information. They think Starting Strength is a strength cycle program. That is to SS is just a cycle they can jump over to, or mix-up with the CFHQ WODs. But, it is not.

    SS is best for people totally new to lifting. These people will probably do well to do it and then follow the CFHQ WODs. I would bet a lot of females would do well with it too (if they have little experience). These folks would develop a base of strength that would allow them to do more WODs "as Rx'd".

    I do not know how long you have been lifting and doing CF, but I would bet you may not get too much out of SS. However, you may get a lot out of a hybrid program balancing out METCONs, and strength training. However, once you deviate a little from CFHQ, I think injuries happen because there tends to be too much overlap between movements you program for yourself and CFHQ programs.

    I did this too myself. Early last year, I pulled 390. I was stoked and thought for sure I would hit 400 the next time I deadlifted. Well, I was following the CFHQ WODs and within 10days I did Dianne, Michael and broke from the WODs and did CFT. Well, that was too much and I hurt my back. It took from Mar to Sep to get it back. I learned the CFHQ WODs are great, but I need to be careful jumping into them. They are not random, but very, very thought out. Lauren Glassman stated this on CF Radio and Dave Castro stated this on CF Programing #6 video in the CFJ.

    Boy, this was a long post.


  2. Pat your a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate you taking the time to explain all of this to me. I had no idea. I am going to rethink my training. If I could follow the CF main page WODs I would but my Coach does the programming at the gym.

    Injuries are terrible and frustrating. So, I am going to talk to my coach and see what we can figure out. I know I can handle two a days I am just going to have to be wise about how many, when and what I do.

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. Sean you are a big wuss you will make linear gains if you do a SS program as you are weak as hell. If you do SS MWF morning and Crossfit WODs M-F evening you'll be fine...but make sure you take your rest days and that you eat after your lifts so you replenish your glycogen stores. If you are making linear gains you are not over training as you have obviously recovered from the previous workout if you can lift more the next. If you stall out quickly then you might have to start looking at training volume but until then get HUGE.


    PS great job on the chinup wod you earned the scars

  4. Murph if I am such a big wuss why didn't you beat me in the TSC?

  5. It's hard to crush you when you aren't in the competition. I'm pretty sure I can pull off at least 125 one handed KB swings in 5 min. Next TSC it's go time! How about a little CFT challenge...if you're up to it.