Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Golden Five-peat

The Canadian Junior team won their 5th straight gold medal at the World Junior Championship last night in an exciting game against Sweden.
We have some impressive young talent coming up to the NHL!
I showed up to the base gym this morning to help my friend with his press technique before he is posted up to Pettawawa with the army. He didn't show up so I did some pressing myself.
Press 5x5
45lbs x 5 2 sets
65 x 3
80 x 2
work set
95 x 5
100 x 5
105 x 5
105 x 4 - lost focus and missed the last one
105 x 5
My press is weak...it is something I will be working on as part of my fitness goals for 2009. I want to increase my CFT (Crossfit Total) to a more respectable number. Because I am so weak in the press I tend to avoid it....that is going to change...one of the keys to success in crossfit is the practice what you suck at!

CFWU (Crossfit Warm Up) x 3
WOD (Workout of the day)
6 x 400 m row - rest as needed between sets
1:11.1, 1:13.6, 1:16.6, 1:19.5, 1:17.3, 1:18.6
This was really tough, the 400m sprint on the C2 is intense and left me really messed up after each interval. It was just what I needed to realize I can't let my met con slip because cardio pain is the worst.

I went grocery shopping after. Being on the Zone you tend to shop the perimeter of the grocery store, (meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds some fruit, little starch no sugar). Since we buy our meat at cost co, we generally just get vegetables and fruit at Sobeys. Today was amusing because we had a cashier who was on his first day. He was really flustered trying to figure out what every thing was and what the code was for each item, Dani and I helped him out the best we could, "that's a grapefruit, that's Romain lettuce, those are bean sprouts..." and the kicker, "yes that is broccoli." I don't know to feel bad for him or to be jealous because growing up he obviously didn't have to eat his vegetables!


  1. great posts Sean, I enjoy your enthusiasm as it motivates me even more so.


  2. Here is a SS overview. It is a novice program. Rip defines a novice as someone who can make linear gains. So, if you do a set of squats 225x5x3 one week, the next will be 230x5x3 and continue. SS is based on this. It is very basic and straightforward. The book explains all the lifts very well and you get loads of Ripism. It is a good book. Here is the template:

    Program A
    Back Squat 5 reps 3sets (5x3)
    Press 5x3
    Deadlift 5x1

    Program B
    Back Squat 5x3
    Bench Press 5x3
    Power Clean/Clean 5x3

    You can sub power clean and clean. You alternate workouts A and B 3x/week. The above is the workset, so you are to do warm-up sets as needed to get ready. All weights should be increased every session. There is no direct back work, it is done through deadlifts and power cleans (you can sub bent over rows for power cleans).

    For the advanced athlete, there is Practical Programing. I have not read it, but it does seem to go into more programing for someone making gains slower. Let me know if you have any other questions. Oh, the book is a great reference, I bought it from Aasgard Pub (Rip's company).

  3. If you're going to do the SS then do the Deadlift and Power clean don't do any cleans or bent over rows (they are assistance excercises - won't add to your strength as much) until you need make your program an intermediate one.

  4. cool thanks murph...im thinking monday wed friday at the UCC - 7 or 8 am

    are you guys in ?

  5. Sean, your posts are actually worth reading. Congrats! I'm pleasantly surprised lol. For real tho, nice work bro. As far as lifting goes, i'm down....only one problem tho, i dont have a Western student card. But we'll figure something out. What is your current CFT? Murph, Brad, and I are wanting to find ours out sometime soon, lets set a date and do it together.
    Oh, and check out "starting strength wiki". It should come up if you google it. It is basically 75% of the book "Starting Strength" posted online for free...good stuff.

  6. thanks man ... we should do the CFT on Saturday at your place