Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zone Recipe

Deadlift 5x5
45lbx5 2 sets
135 x 5
185 x 3
247 x 2
Work Set
291 x 5
302 x 5
315 x 5
326 x 5 (not fluid enough)
315 x 5
I am happy with this lift today. I was moving the bar very well up until 326lbs. I did the 5 without much problems but the bar wasn't moving as fluidly as the other sets so I dropped back down for my final set.

Zone Recipe
1 1/2 cup snow peas (2 blocks carb)
3 cups bean sprouts (1 block carb)
1/2 orange (1 block carb)
4 oz chicken (4 blocks Protein)
24 almonds (8 blocks fat)

Boil the snow peas and bean sprouts while heating up the chicken in the frying pan. Strain the snow peas and bean sprouts and toss them in. Add a bit of soy sauce. While doing all this toast the almonds in a separate pan. Cut up an orange, through it all together and enjoy.

This is a good meal because it is fast, easy and zone. You can pretty much add whatever vege's you want. Depending on how much time you like to spend in the kitchen you can make your stir fry even better. Like my workouts, I cook for time, so recipe's I post will all be doable in sub 15.


  1. Sean,

    Good progress on the deads. 325x5 is starting to get up there. What is your 1RM? Is 325 your 5RM? I often have crappy form on a new max. But, the next time I go for that same weight, my form is always much better. I think it is mental. The first time, I believe the weight will be a struggle, a fight, so the lift goes that way. But, the next time, I think...hey I have already done this and the weight is smoother. But, it is also good you dropped down, you hit a goal set, but drop for the last one.

    It looks like you are doing a little Danny John's 1 lift a day program. I do not know if this program came first, or CFHQ ideal of only 1 ME lift per session, but this works extremely well for me. I just feel like I can give this one lift my all, then be done. SS or PM WODs are different and to get the most out of those, you need to give yourself ample recovery....I just do not have that kind of time.

    Thanks for you comments on my blog. The 5k time was slow for me, but I know it was the ice on the road and my dog is now 8, so I have to run a little slower with him (excuse!). CF appeals to me because of the balance, plus this balance fits me. I not the strongest guy out there, nor am I the fastest runner (in the Army, I was always middle of the pack), but I could always lift with the strong guys or run with the runners. I was planning on trying to qualify for the CF games this year. But, the qualifier is in Colorado (I used to live there). It is a long drive and would be a whole vacation to qualify, so I am passing this year. I do plan on doing the TSC and hopefully, some regional competitions will come around too.

    Oh, one more thing...I like your recipe. My wife makes a very simular dish, except with spinach instead of snow peas...and she puts ginger in it....Ginger Spinach Chicken is what she calls it.

  2. Pat,

    Thanks for the input on the lifts. I 1RM PR was a while back in a TSC, I lifted 392. I think I can get over 400 by now. I have made good progress on my deadlift because I have not been greedy on the weight, I have focused on technique and a fluid set without breaks.

    I was not the one who commented on your 5k post but JB is absolutely right. I've never tried a 5k with a dog in the ice and snow, I bet it is hard. I do not like running in the snow and cold, it stems from the army making me get up early and run in cold icy weather.

    That is too bad you are not competing in the CF games qualifier, I was looking forward to seeing you do well. It is understandable, not everyone can travel and make these events. This will make every games different because will who could not make previous games will come out of the wood work and surprise everyone.

    I am moving out west this April and if I can get the time off work I will compete in the qualifiers next year for the experience. It will be motivating to compete against all the top athletes and get to talk to them about their training.

    I also plan on competing in another TSC, I am not sure when it will be but I will be training hard in attempts to beat a few of my friends here.

    Ginger and spinach does sound good, I will have to try that.