Friday, January 23, 2009


Today I attemted to do "Mr. Joshua" light with 185lbs on the deadlifts and ab mat sit ups. I was eventually shut down in my third round by a staff member at the gym for bringing weights up to the "stretching area" which was by the treadmills. The guy kinda watched me during set up and the first round, asked me to stop during the second round but I got him to agree to allow me to finish. If i didn't give him attitude he probably would have but he came back in the third round with some confidence and shut me down. I think people were complaining because I was disrupting their stretching. I normally don't give attitude, I mean the guy was just doing his job, but when my heart rate is elevated and I am trying to maximize power output and work capacity, I don't take kindly to obstacles. I'm not mad at the guy for stopping me, I am just upset that I didn't get to finish.

I ended up chewing his ear off for about 20 minutes about CrossFit trying to chum up with him a bit so I don't get blacklisted at another gym. He was an engineer so I explained the mathematical part of what we do and he really liked that. I still find it amazing that he wears the title "personal trainer" on the back of his shirt but has no desire in learning about or trying something new. This is why I do not talk to people about CrossFit unless they want to learn, everyone thinks what they are doing is the best and they know everything about everything. I asked who his boss was and what she did. He seemed confused when I asked if she actually pursues a good level of fitness for herself and actively seeks out new information. He responded, "well off course that's her job..." If that's the case I may end up emailing her and see if she has heard of CrossFit. Best case scenario, if she likes it, we get some bumbers, a GHD and they let us bring weights up to the indoor track. She is a kinesiology graduate so she may find "What is Fitness" interesting.

All of you who expressed interest in going this morning stood me up....haha...we would of had a better chance of getting the WOD done with numbers. I propose we do "Nasty Girls" with the guys weight some time. What do you think? We will do it at a time that doesn't disrupt anyone's beauty sleep. Who's in?


  1. They'll never get bumpers in that place(They don't even have enought metal plates). Maybe if you beg and plead they might, maybe someday with a miracle from god get a GHD. All the people that work there are semi-retarded.

  2. Good luck getting the GHD. You may get the "sitting back extension machine" or the "sitting crunch machine" if you talk to the manager about training for midline stability. These 2 machines cost at least 10x what a very good GHD cost, but they are machines, with pins, that you use while seating on your ass! Isn't that what it is all about?

  3. Thurs. morning @ campus rec 4 rds. for time: 30 thrusters, 75 double unders. You on?