Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have you "Drank the Kool-aid?"

(If your not a crossfitter you probably don't find this hilarious.)

Rest Day

Someone dubbed Crossfit as "drinking the kool-aid" because of the cult like following it has. People that have accepted and adopted Crossfit are generally really hardcore and express those feeling by telling everyone they know about Crossfit. Many of you reading this may have had me chew your ear off about Crossfit in the past. Why?

I would love to say just try it and see...but it might take a little more than that for some of you to try it. First of all, Crossfit isn't for everyone. Some people are very happy just chugging away on their elliptical, listening to music, while watching TV and browsing their favorite magazine. Others are happy crunching out bicep curls and checking themselves out in the mirror making sure their hat has just the right tilt to be fashionable. Finally, (I don't understand this one), but some people are happy going out in the freezing cold every day running or biking long slow distances. And that is just fine, to each their own but don't expect to be fit anytime soon.

For those that don't know any better and think they are working towards a good level of fittness, what if I told you that you are wasting your time? There is something out there that is not only much more efficient and encompassing but more enjoyable. Crossfit will aid you in reaching your fitness and health goals faster and more efficiently than anything out there. It can suit anyone ranging from a 90 year old grandmother to an elite UFC fighter. If you doubt this and think your P90x or ab blasters is better let me know. I'll come out and do one of your workouts and then you come and do one of mine. Or, I'll put you head to head against one of the female members of our gym, (only if you deserve it because it can be a very humbling experience).

In Crossfit, we specialize in not specializing, we train for the unknown and unknowable, we practice functional movements and don't waste our time with muscle isolation or lame elliptical trainers. We work at a high intensity and our workouts are constantly varied. Crossfit is hard and challenging but rewarding and produces results. It prepares you for the real world, we use competition to bring out the best in people and race against the clock. Life situations do not call for two to three minute rest periods if you are lifting debris off of your injured friend or chasing a criminal. Yoga is not going to help you if you can't pick up your grandchildren when you turn 70, or you can't carry in the groceries. If you doubt what I'm saying I want to hear about it. If you're intrigued and want to read more go here, read the web page, watch the videos and download the PDF's on the right hand side and study them.

For those of you that I see in the gym that just don't know any better, you will be enlightened. Soon you will drink the kool-aide and thank Greg Glassman for creating such an amazing program.


  1. Sean, great pic, feel the burn buddy.

    great post too, you hit the nail right on the head. I look back at my meatball years and laugh at myself for being so naive and gullable...thinking that Arnie's 6-day per week two-a-day workouts were going to bring me to elite fitness haha. And i wasn't even nearly as much of a meatball as some of my friends...poor bastards. But i try not to get mad about all the time i wasted in the gym because i didn't know any better back then. However, once i stumbled upon crossfit, i chose to educate myself and give it a chance...eventually lol. That's how it all starts, a true athlete will seek out the newest and best information available to them, while the typical gym rat will simply reject anything other than high-volume low-intensity programs...deeming high-intensity short durations workouts such as CrossFit only suitable for lazy people, who aren't dedicated or committed enough to spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym to get "fit". Sometimes, we have to realize that some people will never change, and all we can do is just smile and laugh.

    Cheers, Jere

  2. You're totally right, we are so lucky to have Crossfit and be able think while we smile and laugh at those people, "if you only knew!"